Oxygen Therapy

Add On To Facial  $25+

A La Carte Treatment  $45+

Medical grade oxygen containing 87 trace minerals and vitamins that heal and nourish, diminish fine lines leaving your complexion clear and smooth with a healthy radiant glow. Excellent for all skin types.



Eye Wonder

Do you have crow’s feet, puffy eyes, or wrinkles? Reduce inflammation and increase circulation for the eye and temple area. Eye pads infused with botanicals, hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronic for deep hydration, decreasing crows feet and surface wrinkles/fine lines.

Hydrogel Infused Sheet Mask


A synergistic blend infused with botanicals, peptides and powerful antioxidants, instantly quenches the tissue leaving the skin hydrated, supple and revitalized. Great for normal, dehydrated, or mature skin types

Hydro Jelly Mask

Face ~ $25
Neck ~ $15 + // Neck + Décolleté~ $40

A new-generation peel-off mask made primarily from algae, containing no clay, that instantly cools the skin, allowing serums to penetrate more effectively.
Goji ~ Renewal ~ Brightening Complex ~ Intensive Aftercare ~ Hyaluronic Acid


LED Light Therapy

Celluma And LightStim


Light Emitting Diode (LED) is an application of light energy to tissue to obtain therapeutic benefits. Research has shown that light therapy can:

~Decrease inflammation
~Decrease wrinkles
~Increase circulation
~Kills acne bacteria

For the Body, LED can:
~Ease muscle & joint pain
~Ease stiffness & arthritis

~Improve cellular performance
~Improve skin tone, texture & clarity 
~Accelerate tissue repair