Demi Treatment

75 Minutes $125

Our facial treatments include a professional skin analysis followed by a deep cleansing, dermal sauna, enzyme therapy, extractions, masque therapy (according to your individual needs), solar protection, lip balm and a comprehensive regime designed for you.

Suggested add on Hydro Jelly Mask  $25
Suggested add on Oxygen  $25

Skin Prophecy Bliss

90 Minutes $185

Indulge in our Demi Treatment with added décolleté and shoulder massage, followed by pressure point scalp massage. Also includes hydro jelly face mask.

 Suggested Facial Add-On: Oxygen $25


Skin Prophecy Transdermal Infusion Enzyme Therapy 

Working with natural enzymes, these treatment peels are a rapid exfoliation process that disintegrate the dry cells on the surface of your skin. The following fruit enzyme peels smooth the texture of your skin, aid in helping hyper pigmentation, diminish fine lines, sun damage, kill bacteria for acneic skin and refine pore appearance. Products are recommended for home care
maintenance to enhance these treatments.

Gogi Berry


A powerful amino acid and antioxidant blend which increases skin hydration, tightens/firms tissue, leaving your skin with a radiant/youthful glow. Great for anti-aging, dry, mature, dull skin types. Not recommended if allergic to aspirin.




Our cherry enzyme blend helps with inflammation in the tissue, strengthens capillary walls, and aids in lightening some pigmentation. For sensitive and all skin types.





This powerful, deep cleansing enzyme will penetrate into the follicle to dissolve bacteria buildup, which helps make extractions easier to remove. Excellent for oily, acneic congested skin types.

Pumpkin Exfoliate


This enzyme formula is powerful and activates cell turnover. Pumpkin is a fruit acid enzyme that is used as an exfoliation accelerator and offers a natural form of Vitamin A to the skin. Excellent for most skin types. Not recommended sensitive skin.

Papaya Enzyme


Our Papaya enzyme soothes skin irritations along with anti-inflammatory properties.  The Papain found in Papaya also dissolves dead skin cells and removes keratin buildup.

Excellent for sensitive skin types and acneic skin types that are sensitive to Glycolic and Vitamin A.

Treatment Enhancers
Don't forget to add a treatment enhancer to your visit for the ultimate skin care experience.