Skin Prophecy is the creation of two sisters who have struggled nearly a lifetime with adolescent and adult acne! We were challenged personally and professionally, much like the public, searching to find and/or develop products that would produce result driven corrections with visible changes in addition to enhancing the skins integrity. After nearly a lifetime, and my 36 years as a Clinical Aesthetician, we have eliminated the search and achieved our objective! With a loyal clientele, our tailored aesthetic treatments and our staff’s support and dedication, we proudly present Skin Prophecy.

Skin Prophecy is a clinical skin care line, formulated to aggressively treat all grades of acne, scarring, sun damaged and dehydrated skin, in addition to pre/post operative care. This high performance, anti-aging line has proven itself within our clinic, as well as with our professional and medical associates within their own practices. 

Skin Prophecy’s compounds are the highest cosmeceutical grades available within the industry and are designed and developed to work at a cellular level. Its molecular structure allows greater penetration with results to prevent, correct and assure the integrity and restoration of the skins health. Our products are, non-comedogenic, highly concentrated and address the most aggressive and difficult challenges! 

Skin Prophecy's formulations offer the minimal amount of preservatives to assure product integrity. Our Globally sourced rainforest botanicals, state of the art chemistry formulations and handmade small batch approach guarantees optimal results.

At Skin Prophecy Clinic, clients experience customized, tailored session programs designed to effectively treat and correct that produce outstanding and significant results.
Skin Prophecy's comprehensive line of products, support and address the needs of acneic skin with young adults; challenges of hyperpigmentation and the changing needs and concerns of mature skin. This line when combined with an essential in home-care program and/or advanced by professional treatments, will deliver optimal results.

Whether receiving clinical facial treatments, making facial product inquiries, or to simply peruse our Gifting Gallery, We Welcome You!

Let Us Begin The Skin Prophecy Journey Together.

MaryAnn Serpa and Dee Dee Serpa-Wickman