Skin Prophecy Clinic is a boutique Skin Care Clinic performing in result-oriented clinical skincare treatments. In our treatments, we use our propriety blends of own own formulations, Skin Prophecy. Our formulations treat all grades of acne, scarring, un damaged, aging, dehydrated skin in addition to pre/post operative care. 

Skin Prophecy is a clinical skin care product line, formulated to aggressively treat all grades of acne, scarring, sun damaged and dehydrated skin, in addition to pre/ post operative care.

Our formulations offer a significantly higher standard of quality and efficacy. Our globally sourced rainforest botanicals, state of the art chemistry formulations and handmade small batched approach guarantees phenomenal results!

Some of our artesian blended recipes include fresh Cherry, Lemon, Pumpkin, Red Wine, Pomegranate and assorted Berry Formulations, just to name a few!

Skin Prophecy's transdermal infusion technology and chemistry allows greater penetration, and the daily ability to layer multiple serums, achieving the maximum benefits of transdermal infusion!

Working at a cellular level, achieves a greater advantage, allowing new cells to restore and correct!

We take pride and always strive to provide a sacred place for healing, beauty and personal empowerment in conjunction with therapeutic skin maintenance treatments in an atmosphere where serenity and relaxation awaits you! Our boutique also offers gifts, handbags, candles, men & women's body care, cozy items and more! 

—Dee Dee Serpa-Wickman, Clinical Aesthetician, Proprietor