Dee Dee Serpa-Wickman owner of Skin Prophecy Clinic and Co-Creator of Skin Prophecy Clinical Skin Care Line and Pet Prophecy. With over 37 years of clinical skin care experience and extensive post graduate training and traveling has had the opportunity to study under some renowned physicians in the skin care industry.

Dee Dee's passion for skin care began during her teenage years when she and her sister Mary-Ann struggled with acne prone skin. Their mother Alice, who was ahead of her time, searching for clean products without harmful chemicals. 

Dee Dee's own JOURNEY with health challenges (Aluminum Toxicity) led her to Dr. Lester Rose, an integrative/preventive/homeopathic/MD who changed her life along with her sister Mary-Ann. Dr. Rose instructed and taught them about toxicity of various ingredients in cosmetics, skin care products, foods and toxic relationships.  Following intravenous infusions to treat the aluminum toxicity , there was a purging of toxins that caused acne flare ups.

At this point, I was introduced to a Paramedical Aesthetician (That's what we were called in the 80's and 90's) that guided Dee Dee to overcome this challenge, and from there she was launched into the aesthetic arena.  Dee Dee became dear friends and she had the privilege and honor to mentor with some of the top dermatologist and plastic surgeons in the aesthetic industry, including  Acne Guru Dr. James Fulton MD PHD., Dermatologist/Plastic Surgeon co-inventor of Retin-A, Dr. Howard Sobel MD. Dermatologist, Michael Tick Biochemist to name a few.

Dee Dee's drive, compassion, creativity and hard work have made all of this a success, and has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in the Aesthetic arena. 

Her husband Richard and her childless family give her the freedom to channel all her love and dedication into Skin Prophecy Clinic, Skin Prophecy Clinical Skin Care Line and Pet Prophecy.  Dee Dee's mission is to make a beautiful change in the world by helping people feel confident, look and feel their best with healthy glowing skin 💜