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1 oz | .5 oz


A/AHA Synergistic Blend. A synergized serum of Vitamin A and Glycolic Acid that stimulates cell renewal, lightens pigmentation, reduces the appearance of fine lines and premature aging. Creates a smoother texture and a supple, youthful glow.


Use one and a half pump and apply a thin layer to face and neck. Some initial stinging may occur in sensitive individuals. For best results, use in evening. Sensitive skins should use every other evening. Works well with Glow Serum.

Key Ingredients:
  • Hammamelis Extract- Botanical properties include anti-free radical, UVB absorber, healing and soothing.
  • Retinol- Reduces fine lines, hyper-pigmentation and smoothes texture
  • Glycolic Polymer- Used to control the acid/alkaline balance.
  • D-Beta-Glucosamine- Takes the water component of the immune response and directs it into the pathways of self moisturization. Also is an amino sugar that strengthens tissue between cells in the skin and mucous membranes.
  • Beta- Fructan- A plant derived, natural fruit carbohydrate that concentrates moisture, making it an excellent moisturizer.

Distilled Water, Hamamelis Extract, Retinol/Glycolic Acid Polymer Complex, D-Beta-Fructan, D-Beta-Glucosamine, Amino-Guanidine, Ethyl Alcohol, D-Beta-Fructosan